A Day to Remember Forever


Today was a very special day because my older daughter, Layla, went to her first ice skating lesson. It was her first time getting on the ice and needless to say, she did great. I mean, who doesn’t think their child ┬áis great at anything they try? So maybe I’m biased, but I wasn’t surprised in the least because she’s a very determined and independent child. And she had been waiting to get on the ice since she learned about hockey awhile ago. Hockey is mommy’s favorite sport. Layla wants to play hockey. And when Layla falls down she gets back up and I mean that in a literal sense. It was delightful to see her taking her first steps (and lots of falls!) on the ice. She had one big fall towards the end of practice which really disappointed her. But on the way home when I told her that we will practice together before her next lesson she asked me to take her today! I can’t wait to practice with her. She’s a great kid that loves a challenge. She will push your buttons and test your limits beyond what you’d ever expect from a little girl that looks like an angel. I see so much of myself in her, but she is much more daring. Not afraid to take risks, she shows me that a girl can be as tough as the boys. She gives me strength and has made me a stronger woman. I’m very thankful to have her for a daughter and the memories made today will be with me forever.