Cheers to a New Year Baby!


Image 2014 is here already and I couldn’t be happier. It’s only 2 days into the New Year and I’ve successfully completed 2 of my New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, I’m cliché when it fits… If the shoe fits of course I will wear it! Ducks need company at 7 AM and there is nothing like a good run to wake me up and get me energized for 8 hours of work-from-home writer bliss. So what are my New Year’s Resolutions anyway?

Run/Workout for 45 Minutes Everyday
(Note to self: Every. day. DO NOT SLACK.)

Start a Personal Blog
(Oh… Hey WordPress!)

Start a Twitter
(Tweet. Tweet.)

And finally… drum roll please…

Sign up older daughter for Preschool
Pack your bag kid (to the tune of Dora the Explorer “Backpack, backpack!”)
It’s time to industrialize you… Just kidding.
My passion for education definitely inspired my daughter because she is ecstatic about starting school.

So there you have it. And I’m thrilled to mention that I went for a run on New Year’s Day. OK, let’s be honest here, it was a walk- a very fast walk, borderline-run, but a walk nonetheless. Along the way I took the photo above. I must say there is nothing quite like a swarm of ducks approaching you and crowding around you in curious wide-eyed delight. In that moment I imagine the thoughts of these ducks, thinking words and phrases like, “It looks like a human. It smells like a human. Alright, I think I’m onto something here. Where’s the bread, lady?” Instantly I’m reminded of a Dr. Seuss classic “Are you my mother?” Then suddenly I realize this is the most connected I’ve felt in awhile. And yet I’m completely unconnected and unplugged from technology. I’m floating in a cloud of the tech-free abyss. As a writer these moments are what I live for. In those moments my creativity is free to unleash itself. My thoughts consume me with tangible ideas and I’m free to run with them. Without these moments my creativity could never flourish. Words of wisdom: Take time to nourish your creativity.