There is no one with a perfect life in which one aspect or another does not lack in some regard.


If there is anything that I have learned from all of my experience in the field of psychology and cognitive development it is that we as individuals are in a constant search for fulfillment and completion, though this very feeling itself is almost unattainable. Therefore we are in perpetual flight from one hope to another. The pursuit of happiness can be an endless road without a destination.

What is happiness anyways? Recently I made a post about what happiness looks like, but what does it mean to truly be happy? What is a happy person like?

I’m a happy person generally unaffected by unexpected setbacks and life’s disappointments, but I was not always this way. I learned to dance in the rain, love without holding back, give without expecting anything in return, and let go when I need to move forward. How did I learn? I learned by trying and failing. I failed many times before I realized that failure is the key to success. No one succeeds until they learn how to fail.


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